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EVENTS - The Long Island Finger Style Guitar Club


We meet the 2nd Wed. of the month at the Westbury Friends Community Ctr., 550 Post Ave.

Contact: Lisa @ 516.361.5122/







Past Meetings  & Performances

Performance for May 2012 and June 2013-Stephen Bennett Workshop and Concert

Workshop for June 2011-Toby Walker

Performance for April 2010-Woody Mann
Workshop and Concert

Performance for Oct. 2010-Stefan Grossman and Tokio Uchio

Workshop and Concert

Performance for March 2010-Duck Baker Workshop and Concert

Performance for March 2010-Dee Harris, Susan Woods and Bernie Stolls; Irish and Celtic Music

Performance for Sept. 2009-Paul Rishell & Annie Raines

Presenter for July 2009- Ben Diamond; Hawaiian Slack Key Workshop

Presenter for June 2009- Jeff Curtis; DADADE Workshop

Performance for May 2009-Little Toby Walker

Presenter for May 2009- Len Rosenberg

Hosted our Open Mic & performed Chet Atkins style songs

Presenter for March 2009- Dan Doll

Blues/Slide Workshop

Presenter for Jan. 2009-Gary Schoenberger

Partial Capo Workshop

Performance for Sept. 2008- Glenn